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Reintroducing our Delicious & Delectable Cheesecake

Amidst our rebranding, Lynna & I have been re-exploring our Cuban roots. There are so many things that make being Cuban so fun and we want to embrace more of that fun, playfulness that is synonymous with Cuban people, culture, etc. In honor of that very tongue-in-cheek nature, we have decided to rename our delicious and delectable guava-drizzle-smothered, New York style cheesecake, Timba Cheesecake.

Why Timba?

The word "Timba," like many things in (Cuban) Spanish, has multiple meanings.

Timba is first and foremost a genre of Cuban music that takes its roots from many other musical genres, such as Cuban styles of music like Son and Salsa, African music & drumbeats, and even American Rock music, and Rhythm and Blues.

Timba is also used to refer to a distinctly Cuban flavor combo: guava & cheese.

Pan con Timba is a very popular merienda (snack) consisting of toasted & buttered bread, guava paste, Swiss cheese. Another version of this flavor combination - popular amongst my family members - is: soda crackers, guava paste and cream cheese. So easy and so delicious, I will never forget the first time I tried it; I couldn't get enough.

There's a lot to savor and appreciate about our Cuban ancestry and we hope to continue to share it with you as we take time to honor our roots. We take our food and our flavors seriously, but we love to have fun while we serve you our delicious & authentic American-Cuban cuisine.

And remember, folks, you can always enjoy our divine CK Timba (fka Guava) Coulis when you buy yours today!

Be sure to tag us in your very own Timba-themed merienda: @qbacubankitchen

Happy Snacking!

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