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BesoBeso Blog January 2024

January 1, 2024

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to Cuban Kitchen’s year of rebranding and the beginning of our blog


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Since today, represents the first day of the year, Lilah and I have decided to share a bit of Cuban trivia related to the Number 1!

In the Cuban Charada (Lottery), the number 1 represents el Caballo (the Horse).

In Cuban Cuisine, the expression, “Al Caballo,” means to serve with an egg on top (usually a fried egg sunny-side up).

You may be wondering how that expression came to be.

If you search online, you may find several entries referring to “how cowboys ate hardy meals often topped with an egg” and since they also rode atop horses, this expression derived from something or someone “riding atop” of something.

Another more playful interpretation, or more to-the-point and one more likely to be aligned with Cuban’s spicy humor, is that a certain part of the male anatomy is also referred to as “huevos” (eggs)... and well, this is also the part of that rides closest atop (al Caballo) a horse!

So, the next time you order a CK s'wich, plate, or bowl, and you’re feeling as hungry as a cowboy order it ¡Al Caballo! You will be in for a savory treat and an Instagram worthy dish!

Happy New Year, y Buen Provecho!



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