Dear Guest,

You may now place your catering orders directly on our TOAST ordering platform by selecting the "Catering Menu" under "All Day" in the Menu Pull Down Tab.


Before you place your order, you must first set the delivery/pick-up time for your event, then select your desired items from the "Catering Menu."  We do require certain lead times depending on size of order.  For small orders (approximately 50 guests) we can prepare same day, however to view the Catering Menu, you must select day / time that we are "open" (i.e. you will have difficulty viewing the menu sometime after 9pm).


If you should require further assistance, or would like to inquire about a delivery for catering please call or email us:

restaurant: (650) 627 - 4636

catering line: (650) 666 - 5611

urgent inquiries: (973) 687-2000

catering email: