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Keep it Saucy 2024

BESOBESO BLOG 2024 - Part 2


February 27th, 2024


Sauce Pairings


Many of you have asked us what to pair our original and handcrafted sauces.  This blog (part 2 of 3) is for you!


There isn’t only one right way to use our award-winning sauces, so what this blog entry will do is provide a flavor profile for each of our sauces.  The flavor profile may serve as a starting point for you to start sampling!




This sauce is hot like a room on fire! Inspired by the lyrics of one of our favorite songs, El Cuarto de Tula, this sauce is so hot that you're likely to break a sweat consuming it. Kick things up a notch - or five - with this liquified Habanero based hot sauce! Just like so many phrases & songs of Cuban origin, there are plenty of playful double entendres tucked into these verses - check out this reddit discourse about the double meaning behind the lyrics. We love Tula's on anything and everything, especially when we're feeling spicy.




This bright green sauce is the newest addition to our sauce line-up, and already a CK guest favorite! It is my version of a chimichurri or pesto -- using predominantly garlic and cilantro with a jalapeño kick. I love it on our meats (especially the Salmon and Pollito Mojito Chicken Breast) and sandwiches. Try it with our ham or chicken croquetas (a very special appetizer, when we have them!) We also recommend it as a vegan alternative to our Guantanamo sauce with our other appetizers like Yuca Fries and Tostones.




Our Mambo Mayo-Aioli is a guava, chipotle, and garlic infused dip that also tastes great with our appetizers and dresses our famous Surf n Turf sandwich.  Its sweet and savory with some subtle heat…and the color is a pale orange.  I also love dipping our Milanesa Strips (CK’s Juicy and Savory Chicken Tenders) in the Mambo sauce.  It even makes for a delicious creamy salad dressing with a kick.



Lilah and I may differ on some of the ways we prefer to dress our already flavorful cuisine, but we both love to try new ways of using it on our cuisine as well as other types of cuisine, and we encourage you to also sample and experiment for yourself!

Buen Provecho,



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