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Letter from the Owner - 2021-07-15, 09:04

July 14, 2021 Journal Entry, from the owner, Lynna M.

“What stands in the way, becomes the way.” – Marcus Aurelius Dear Guests, Over the last couple of years, I had the good fortune of having sessions with a brilliant therapist, Tom, who has helped me get through some especially challenging times. Along my journey Tom introduced me to the writings of Marcus Aurelius, a Stoic philosopher, and ruler of ancient Greece nearly two thousand years ago. Marcus Aurelius kept a journal about his life’s observations and it’s uncanny how practical and effective his epigrams are even after more than a millennium. More recently, via the Calm app, I stumbled upon the works of author, Ryan Holiday, who writes about Stoicism, and overcoming obstacles in one’s path. In his book, The Obstacle is The Way, Holiday provides poignant examples of successful men and women who embodied the Stoic philosophers’ teachings and how we too can use them to overcome the obstacles in our way. I think what impressed me the most about the historical accounts in this book is not about the “successes” that these great men and women experienced, rather the failures, shortcomings, disadvantages, and obstacles that each of them faced and how they perceived these situations, how they chose to overcome and how each persevered. While I took inspiration from game changers like Ray Croc and Steve Ells, the vision I have for Cuban Kitchen has modified over the years and will continue to evolve. I no longer want to be “like them”, but I no longer beat myself up for not being “successful like them” either. They had their paths with their unique obstacles, and I have my own. I am learning to appreciate my successes and failures and am training myself to enjoy the process. A process that is simple, but never easy.

As for the latest evolution for Cuban Kitchen:

  • You may have noticed our new biodegradable packaging – which will also continue to evolve. We encourage your feedback as we continue to introduce alternative packaging and combinations of menu items.

  • We are moving forward with bottling our sauces and handcrafted juices and are still looking for someone to help us designing our labels. We have some graphic artwork that we would like to use as a basis for inspiration, but need someone with strong Adobe Illustrator background, and with a flair for visual marketing.

  • We are also seeking a designer / architect – even a student from these fields seeking to enhance their portfolio by displaying their work with high visibility on one of the most traveled roads through CA, El Camino Real. We seek someone who can work within our limited budget to help us achieve an ambiance that is reminiscent of a more romantic era associated with Cuba and one that promotes the beauty of the island and captures the warmth and leisure of the Caribbean. Feel free to refer or to reach out to me directly with any leads or interest in this endeavor.

Thank you for your continued support. We are happy to be a part of your lives and this community! Please do continue to recommend us to your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and to the extended communities on your social networks – you really do make a positive impact to our business when you refer us, and we appreciate your help! qba, a Cuban kitchen - home of the “best” Cubano! Best, Lynna

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