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Letter from the Owner: 2023-04-23 16:06

What do Puzzle Master, Will Short & my dad, Jorge Martinez, have in common?

An aged photo of father and daughter posing in the front seat of their family car.
Summer, 1965 – Road Trip from Chicago to Miami, Lynna - 2yrs old with Dad, Jorge

Answer: not much! LOL! Recently however, it occurred to me that CUBAN is a kind of anagram for the positive and encouraging message that my dad instilled in me throughout my youth: U CAN B (and do) anything you apply yourself to achieve!

I love word puzzles, play on words, reading things in reverse, puns, etc., and so I was somewhat surprised, yet amused, that I had overlooked this play on a word that truly represents a way of life for me, thanks to my dad, who is the source of my Cuban heritage :)


A can-do attitude is essential as an entrepreneur. My dad was a self-made man and small business owner. His work ethic remains a model for me that has carried me through some of the toughest challenges that I’ve encountered in running a business of my own. I am forever grateful for his example.

Leading by example is as authentic as it gets. It pleases me to be surrounded by a crew who is as passionate about preparing and serving our cuisine as I am about creating it and sharing it with you! As a business expands, its leader must learn to lead not only by example, but also lead by empowering her crew to become womanagers* and womanagers to become leaders. To do this effectively a business needs a value-driven mission statement.

This year as we approach year 8 in San Mateo, we are refining our mission statement. The purpose of our mission statement will be to serve as guiderails for any Cuban Kitchen to operate as well, or better, than one with its founder onsite.

This founder is recognizing that to grow the Cuban Kitchen, she needs to get out of the way ;) Delegating and trusting my hand-picked team to do what they do best; thus, allowing me to start dedicating more of my resources to refining and growing the business and less time being a mama-bear to my crew! Parents with millennials and gen Zs know what I’m feeling! [The CK is like my baby]

So, to get back to my dad’s message, about U CAN B … I would like to give myself an opportunity to realize my BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) - to be the world’s first national Cuban QSR! I don’t know if this will happen, but I can guaranty that it won’t happen if I don’t try! (Or if I don’t try to do something different than I’ve been doing for almost 8 years now.)

Here’s to new beginnings! So, even though we’ve already closed 2023Q1, I wish you a Happy New Year!! March 2015 was qba, Cuban Kitchen’s birth month here in California. We at the Cuban Kitchen look forward to serving you another year… to serving you, your friends, colleagues, families smiles and joy with the love and warmth that you will always find in an authentic Cuban Kitchen!


We appreciate your continuing to help us grow through your referrals. These referrals make the difference between the Cuban Kitchen staying open to serving you another day, or me serving plantains to just my closest friends and family and starting a totally different career!

Continue to help us grow and encourage more friends to join our Cuban ‘Evolution!

With Love,


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