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Letter from the Owner - 2021-05-06, 15:57

Thank You Letter from the owner, Lynna M.

First off, wow! Thank you all so VERY much for the amazing and re-affirming turn-out, Tuesday & Wednesday! We truly felt the love the last couple of days with the positive responses to our newsletter from Monday. We cannot tell you how many guests came in or ordered online because of the lovely NextDoor post(s) that some of you posted on our behalf. Gracias!! It also did not go unnoticed that there were longer “unexpected” wait times for some of you. We did not realize that our online ordering settings had not been adjusted to more accurately reflect the “deliver by” or “ready” times! We have since addressed this issue with our POS platform TOAST, and they have shown us new features that will space delivery / pickup times as orders are received... This should help set expectations more realistically and more accurately reflect what time your delicious and freshly prepared meals will be ready for pickup/ delivery! We are also addressing new packaging options and changing production layout so as to create greater efficiencies and scalability, thus improving turn around times. The last thing we want is to disappoint our guests & make you wait longer than expected to enjoy our homemade cuisine.

Thank you again for showing your support for us, and for shouting us out on your social media pages.

Our business would not exist without all of you. So on behalf of everyone on our crew, “thank you, thank you, thank you.” We look forward to serving you soon,


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