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Letter from the Owner - 2021-05-03, 09:29

Letter from the owner, Lynna M.

Dear Valued Cuban Kitchen Guest, We appreciate your support throughout what continues to be a challenging period for our business and for us all.


During the pandemic, we lost over 50% of our sales revenue between March and April of 2020.

We tried a number of strategies to help us pivot from a predominantly corporate catering business to reach a much wider customer base, while also keeping our staff fully employed.

Some of these strategies included:

  • increased marketing efforts

  • introduction of family meals & value meals

  • expanded menu items

  • added biodegradable packaging

  • contactless delivery by our own staff

  • curbside service

  • full service

  • and much more!

While we have successfully grown our customer base and recuperated some of our revenue, unfortunately our increases in the cost of doing business in this new environment continue to outpace our sales growth. We've also already tapped into the funds available to restaurants through programs like PPP (rounds 1 & 2), and we do not qualify for the new RRF (Restaurant Revitalization Fund) program. I need time to reassess our menu which has become much more costly to produce.

Our Cuban Cuisine is made daily, with expert care, from scratch with the finest and freshest ingredients.

We are not just flipping burgers here… we are butchering/trimming/marinating expensive, top quality cuts of meats, preparing proprietary sauces, seasonings, and marinades from scratch, prepping / cutting fresh vegetables, making dough and fillings from scratch, making hand crafted juices from scratch, and more…and as the menu grows, so do our costs to produce these delicious Cuban classics.

I may have to borrow a page from some of our "surviving" peers in the industry and streamline/reduce our menu, labor, and hours of operation in an attempt to breakeven so that we may survive this pandemic. We will keep the best-selling / favorite menu items that you have come to love from the Cuban Kitchen, and hope that you can accommodate your schedule of lunch/dinner to coincide with our new hours of operation.


Please do continue to support us by ordering online as often as possible, and by following & sharing us, our promos and updates via your favorite social media platforms.

Please stay tuned, as Lilah and I try to figure out a way to survive and overcome this setback.

Fondly and with deepest gratitude, Lynna

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