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Catering 101

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Whether you're catering your first event, corporate luncheon, wedding or birthday party, we, at the Cuban Kitchen, have got your back like spine!

We are here to support you & your every catered endeavor by providing you with the catering 411 so you feel prepared.

Catering for a group of people can be intimidating, especially when you're doing the ordering for the first time, or if you're unfamiliar with the requested restaurant/cuisine.

Regardless of who you're ordering for, or where you're ordering from, the most important thing to know is: your budget. Most caterer's will ask you for your budget or your PPH - price per head - before they throw together a mock-menu for you.

Once you know your budget, it's important to know the basics: how many guests you estimate serving, if there are any dietary restrictions, the logistics of the event*, whether or not your guests will be serving themselves, and whether or not people will be grazing/eating for a few hours or right when the food arrives.

Let's Talk Catering Logistics

Some of the most important information you can provide to your caterer (aside from dietary restrictions & allergies) is how and where the food will be served.

Caterers should always ask, but if they don't, be sure to advise them:

  • whether or not your event is occurring outside vs. indoors,

  • whether or not people will be eating immediately as the food arrives, or

  • if the food will need to be stored in a holding cabinet or if the caterer will need to provide chafing stations & sternos in order to hold the food at the appropriate serving temperature throughout the food service

  • whether or not you require delivery

  • whether or not you will require staff to service your catered event

Some caterers do not or cannot provide staffing options, but there are many event or temporary staffing companies out there that can provide service & clean-up; some even have access to fancier chafing stations, fine dining plates, utensils, glassware, tableware, etc. A quick google search of "event staffing near me" will return reliable results.


The next important factor to consider when planning a catered event is to consider --

Who are you feeding and at what kind of an event?

Consider who and what you're celebrating - think about:

  • the time of day your event will take place and

  • whether or not your guests are big eaters, picky eaters,

  • whether or not they're comfortable sharing food, or

  • if they'd prefer individually boxed meals...

  • Is this a tapas type of event? Or,

  • will you be sitting down and eating a full course meal?

We'll cover this and more in our next installation of Catering 101. In the meantime, consider catering #theCKway with us, and we'll take excellent care of you & your special guests.

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