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Springing Forward in the Fall!

Dear CK Friends,

Thank you so much for your continued support of the Cuban Kitchen and for taking a few minutes to read through this update.

You may recall in my last newsletter (July 2022) I addressed some of the challenges we were facing post pandemic and how I requested your help to increase our catering sales.

I am feeling blessed with how so many of you rallied to support us by referring your company, business colleagues, social clubs, families, friends and even placed your own catering orders to help the Cuban Kitchen serving our delicious Cuban cuisine here in the Bay Area.

And thank you to all of you who increased the frequency of your visits and online orders to help keep our doors open for business – we appreciate YOU!

We experienced an immediate month over month (MOM) increase in August (just after my July plea for help) which was so heartening, and at the same time, received with some caution – for fear that it may not be sustainable (insert emoji prayer hands!).

Thus, as much as I wanted to jump for joy and shout "hooray!" at that initial outpour of support, I reached deep inside for some restraint and equanimity, and waited to see if there was an actual trend, or just a blip in the catering barometer.


So, now the numbers are in:

After a slight dip MOM from August to September, we experienced another increase from September to October. Overall, we are witnessing a positive trend in sales growth.

Our goal of obtaining an additional $1,000/day from catering was mostly achieved for August, September and October! Thanks to you and your referrals!!


The sales mix breakdown is:

· 25.9% from Third Party Delivery Partners Orders (these charge commission)

· 24.3% from Direct Catering Orders (corporate and private)

· 49.8% from Direct General Restaurant Orders (online, dine-in, take-out)


After 10 months of 2022, we are now at a break-even point (gross profit) after being in the red 6% through July. Thus, if we continue the trend of adding catering to our sales mix, we will be in the black for 2022, and be able to keep our doors open for business beyond 2022!

The crew and I are so appreciative for your support– and not just for your patronage, but for your genuine concern as you continue to reach out personally with well wishes and inquiries for me, my daughter, Lilah, and our Cuban Kitchen extended family.

We wish you all a Happy Halloween, and we look forward to serving you all during the upcoming holiday season!

Warmest wishes and deepest gratitude,


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