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Letter from the Owner - 2021-09-02, 12:21

Sept 2 2021, Journal Entry, from the owner, Lynna M.

Dear Guest, I am encouraged by the positive feedback that we continue to receive from you and from new guests at the Cuban Kitchen.

Thank you for continuing to introduce new customers to the Cuban Kitchen via your networks of neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family - the continued growth of these referrals are critical to our survival and longevity!

While we hope to resume some corporate catering in the fall, we continue to try to grow our online ordering with individual and family orders. We also look forward to serving you at the restaurant whenever adequate staffing permits.

In observance of Labor Day this year, we are giving our small staff a much deserved two-day-break Sunday 9/5 and Monday 9/6. We look forward to resuming regular hours on Tuesday, 9/7/21. We wish you and your family a healthy happy Labor Day weekend! With gratitude, Lynna

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