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Letter from the Owner - 2021-06-29, 09:52

June 30, 2021 Newsletter, from the owner, Lynna M.

We will be available for catering Sunday, July 4th! Dear Guests, Thank you for adjusting to our new hours of operation and service! We are now open 7 days/week, and we will be open this Sunday, July 4th to help you celebrate parties, picnics, or any other form of celebration this summer!! As a reminder, our new hours of operation during the week (Monday-Friday) are 11am-2pm and 4:30pm-8pm; and our “continuous shift” hours on the weekend (Saturday 11am-8pm & Sunday 12pm-7pm). Breathing & Reading Between the Lines Breathing Between the “Lines” Thanks to the break between Lunch shift and Dinner shift, we can take care of several tasks that otherwise slip through the cracks! One benefit of the extra breathing room is that I finally had time to research and connect with a co-packer! I hope to have three of our sauces (Guantanamo, Cienfuegos, and our Guava-Habanero BBQ) approved for bottling and distributing in 4-5 months. Reading Between the “Lines” It was recently brought to my attention that tip sections of our online ordering platform are not treated equally by our host, and point of sale provider, TOAST. In the spirit of transparency, please note:

  • When you place “pickup” orders via our website, 100% of your tip will go to our Cuban Kitchen crew;


  • When you place a “delivery” order via our website (online orders hosted by TOAST and now delivered by Doordash) any tip you select is currently treated as a tip only for the “dasher” (Doordash Driver) – our employees do not receive tips left for delivery orders via our website

Thank you for your generous gratuities! They help our crew earn a more livable wage! And for pick-up orders, your tips continue to help our crew. Earlier during the pandemic, I hired a dedicated driver, but as demand for deliveries grew (a good problem!) I could no longer keep up with demand for deliveries with only 1 dedicated driver, and could not afford to hire more. Therefore, I decided to subscribe to the delivery integration offered by TOAST & Doordash. So this is where we are now!

Disruptor Opportunity: “Let’s build an app that puts the power of delivery back into the hands of the restauranteurs!” My Vision: To build an app for restauranteurs to connect directly with a pool of dedicated delivery drivers and bypass the 27%-40% commissions charged by third-party delivery companies. Drivers are alerted when a restaurant near them needs a delivery, and they can accept for the delivery fee offered. If anyone reading this, also thinks this type of application has any merit, and would like to help me disrupt / shake-up the third-party delivery market, please reach out. It has been heartwarming to receive responses / reactions to my newsletters – thank you for connecting with me directly via text, email, and phone calls. I really appreciate making these personal connections with you! qba, a Cuban kitchen - home of the “best” Cubano! Best, Lynna

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