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Archived Letter from the Owner - 2021-06-21, 11:26

From Lynna:

Sweet Imperfection!

Dear Guests,

We appreciate your support of our mini break last week. Some of my crew enjoyed family time at graduations, or mini family vacations, others caught up with laundry and personal tasks ;-)... and I got to catch up on business matters that kept getting put on the back burner... so thank you for coming back to us this week with our new hours of operation and service:

This week, June 21-27:

Weekdays-Split Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday,

Lunch 11am-2pm and Dinner 5pm-8pm

(if slow on Monday, we may close the kitchen at 7pm)

Weekends - Continuous Hours of Operation





Depending on how consistent the flow of orders are on the weekend, we will keep the "continuous" hours of operation, or we may have to close in between lunch and dinner as we are doing now on weekdays. Online orders may be placed at any time of day / night for "future" pickup or delivery during the "open hours of operation" listed above.

This week's message about "sweet imperfection" is to remind us all to see and accept the beauty in the "imperfect".

I recently learned of the Japanese practice of "wabi-sabi", which is an outlook that encourages us to focus on the hidden beauty in everyday life, to appreciate the seemingly normal and mundane and look at it through different eyes. A simpler philosophy on happiness and success. As I modify menu and hours or operation, I hope that we can all roll with the wave of uncertainty and imperfections that these decisions will lead to!

the "imperfect" banana

The delicious sweet plantains ("maduros") that we serve at the Cuban Kitchen, which so many of you love, are at their sweetest when they are the "ugliest" (mushy and shriveled - super ripened!) In fact, the word "maduro" means "ripe" in spanish. So simply named, "ripened", so sweet in flavor, so "unattractive" in its skin...

Even the regular banana, the smaller yellow and as it ripens, freckled cousin of the "plantain" shares similar qualities. Recently, my daughter, Lilah, made banana bread, using the "ugliest" (older, softer, & wrinkled - a bit like I'm getting! LOL) - bananas that most of us might discard - and to our delight, made the sweetest, moistest, banana bread I have ever tasted!

So in this instagram world of "eye-candy" remember to look for the "sweetness" in life's imperfections and be happy!

qba, a Cuban kitchen -

home of the “best” Cubano!



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